Some articles about the Mad Pride movement and frequently asked questions about Mad Pride
Mad in America (a large news and editorial page run by Robert Whitaker presenting many different viewpoints on mental differences)

The National Empowerment Center (which runs the “Alternatives” conferences) – a good all-around resource for different perspectives on mental differences

Some personal stories of people with mental differences, often supporting “alternative” models of mental health

MindFreedom:  a website about human rights for those who are mentally different, and about Mad Pride

Hearing Voices Network:  devoted to de-pathologizing voice-hearing and other unusual experiences

The Icarus Project:  one of the main Mad Pride organizations in the United States

The Local Icarus Philly Local Group:

The Local New York City Icarus Group:

Hearing Voices YouTube Channel (with videos of the presentations)

A famous TED talk by Eleanor Longden about her experience hearing voices

Website for the Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry:  devoted to rigorously exploring and defending alternate views of mental differences

IDHA (Institute for the Development of Human Arts) – in New York: